DIY Moustache Shirt

Here is a new DIY!!   I was cleaning out my closet and found this old white shirt and thought, I can use this. Everywhere you look at fashion sites and clothingsites you find moustache shirt. But why would you pay for it if you can make it yourself? So let's start :)

What do you need:
- Moustache pattern
- pencil
- Black clothing paint (or like me acryl paint)
- old shirt
- sciccor
- brushes
- A hard surface which you can put under your shirt
- clothes pegs


1. Search for a moustache pattern that you like, print the pattern and cut it out.

2. Place the hard surface ( I used cardboard) and put it in your shirt so you won't paint the back of the shirt too ;)

3. Make sure your shirt is thight, you can do this with clothes pegs.

4. trace the pattern on your shirt, where you want it.

5. paint the pattern, I did first the outlines with a small brush and then I painted the whole pattern with a bigger brush.

6. I waited till the first layer was dry and then I made more layers so you don't have white spots.

7. Let it dry and you're done :)