DIY Distressed shorts

So today I made a high waisted distressed short, I am very happy with the result so let's get started :)

What do you need:
- scissor
- jeans or short (what you want)
- pencil

What to do: stepp 1/5 is to cut your jeans into shorts.

1. Put your jeans on so you can see where you want to cut it. I did it half way my thighs.
2. Mark the place where you want to cut your jeans.

3. Take your jeans of and place one leg on the other so you cut 2 legs on the same time.

4. Cut the jeans.

5. Fold the ends over or leave it that way.

Now we are going to distress the short

6. Make little cuts on the place where you want your distress mark. Do this horizontal!!! Keep 1cm        between each cut.

7. turn your short inside out, now you can see blue and white threats. The white ones goes horizontal and the blue one goes vertical. Make sure when you cut in jeans you always follow the white threat, otherwise you make real holes in them. But we want to keep the white threats so follow the white threat and cut it as big you want the hole.

8. Cut every little cut into bigger cuts. ↑
9. Now take a tweezer and pluk every blue threat out of the cuts.

10. Make more holes if you want to, when you're done put the short in the washmachine and dryer. Your short will look much better now and you're done! :)
(My shorts hasn't been washed yet)

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