Orange strawberry smoothie

 The weather today is wonderful so it is time for something fresh and delicious^^ I made a smoothie with strawberries and orangejuice, it's nice fresh and full of vitamines!


My new H&M shorts

My new H&M shorts came in today, and I am very happy!! :D  I love the shorts, the colors of the yellow short en my denim short are just perfect. I wanted this denim short for so long and now it was in sale. It's just perfect! 


My first Glossybox!

Yesterday came finally my first Glossybox in the mail. I am so happy! Even the paperbox around the giftbox was cute.
Glossybox is a (gist)box you can get every month for €12.50, the box is €10.- and €2.50 for the sending (here in the Netherlands). You pay every month this amount of money and you will get every month a Glossybox with miniature products. Sometimes they even put a normal size product in it! You will get 5 products, you can create your own beautyprofile so the people behind Glossybox can see how your skin is and what your interesting products are. That's how they choose the products for your Glossybox. 


DIY Galaxy Bandeau top


I wanted to do something creative today so I made a galaxy bandeau top. I searched on youtube for a tutorial. Everything was very clear in the tutorial, it was very easy and fun to do! 
This is the tutorial:


About me

Hello readers,

This is my first post on my brand new blog, so I will start with telling you about myself.
 I am a 16 (almost 17) year old girl from the Netherlands. I love fashion alot, take a look at my fashiolista profile! I graduated High school this year, (Actually last week^^). I love tumblr, clothes, shoes, shopping, dancing, reading, chocolate, and sooo much more!
I wanted to create this blog to share my fashion loves and much more like: food, DIY tutorials, tips ect..

I will update this blog as much as I can and I hope you like it!

XxX Navfy
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