▲▼I will be back at August 16 ▼▲

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New clothes :)

Ofcourse when I was in Paris, I went shopping :) I went to LaFayette, the big shopping mall you should see when you're in Paris. It was a beautiful building (just like every building in Paris). They didn't only have the expensive shops but also the more affordable shops. I went to American Apparel, this shop sells all the clothes I want! They also had very cute bows and hairwraps but I went for the lace shoe-lace. I have never seen those shoe-laces anywhere, so i was very happy with them. 


Oui oui Paris

I am back from Paris, unfortunately... But it was amazing!!  Paris is soo beautiful, all those buildings and ofcourse the shops! :)  I went to every place you can think of, ofcourse the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but also Sacre Coeur and the Notre Dame. It was great! I really want to go back to see even more of Paris, you are never done there! 


Toni&Guy Texturising spray

Today I tried out the Texturising spray from my June Glossybox. It contains seasalt that will give your hair the beach look. I have curly hair from myself so I was curious what it would to to my hair. I was afraid it would get very frizzy and dry, but it looked great!


We fashion shopping Haul

A while ago, I won a contest and I won some WE fashion cheques. So ofcourse I went shopping at WE fashion. Everywhere you go there is sale and also at WE, so it was alot of fun to shop. I bought everything in sale, so I got alot for less^^.