We fashion shopping Haul

A while ago, I won a contest and I won some WE fashion cheques. So ofcourse I went shopping at WE fashion. Everywhere you go there is sale and also at WE, so it was alot of fun to shop. I bought everything in sale, so I got alot for less^^.

I am in love with my new bag, it has an aztec print on it (which I totally love).
I bought 2 scarves, the striped one is long and very soft, and the other pink printed one is a regular scarf but cute. I saw the cute sandals and I was in love, they are basic so they are easy to combinate with every outfit you wear. With a dress, skirt, short, jeans, everything! The red bracelet is cute and has a fun color. And ofcourse the sunglasses, the glasses are very big (by very big I mean bigger than big!) :) Oh and I bought a simple basic white top, you always need one right?
All this together was €49.75 and my cheque was €50.- . I even got 25 cents back! haha that was cheap shopping^^

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