Oui oui Paris

I am back from Paris, unfortunately... But it was amazing!!  Paris is soo beautiful, all those buildings and ofcourse the shops! :)  I went to every place you can think of, ofcourse the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but also Sacre Coeur and the Notre Dame. It was great! I really want to go back to see even more of Paris, you are never done there! 

In Paris you have a famous shopcenter called: LaFayette. You can find every expensive shop you can think of! Like Chanel, gucci, Louis Vuitton and alot more fashion designers. You can shop till you drop in Paris! There are also shops for the budget shoppers (like me :) I went to a shop that is called Jennyfer, and ofcourse there was sale in Paris! I bought a super cute high waisted short and a tanktop for this summer. And when you're in Paris you need to buy a 'I ♥ Paris' sweater right?^^  I bought a bright pink one which says: Jad♥re Paris. But more about clothes in another post tomorrow^^  

Everyone should see Paris, it's magical♥

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