Hii :)
Here is a post of my look of the day. It's getting cold here in Holland so it's time for comfy sweaters! I really love oversized comfy sweaters :)
What am I wearing:
- black sweater with open back and a ribbon.
- white simple top
- black skirt
- black tights
- black knee socks
- black ankle boots


DIY Braid around the head

Who doens't wear braids this year? We all do, so that's why I made this cute braid around the head. It's very easy to do and it's looks very cute. Everyone can do this! :)
Let's start!


DIY Moustache Shirt

Here is a new DIY!!   I was cleaning out my closet and found this old white shirt and thought, I can use this. Everywhere you look at fashion sites and clothingsites you find moustache shirt. But why would you pay for it if you can make it yourself? So let's start :)


DIY Distressed shorts

So today I made a high waisted distressed short, I am very happy with the result so let's get started :)


                        ▲▼I will be back at August 16 ▼▲

*Credits to the owner of this picture


New clothes :)

Ofcourse when I was in Paris, I went shopping :) I went to LaFayette, the big shopping mall you should see when you're in Paris. It was a beautiful building (just like every building in Paris). They didn't only have the expensive shops but also the more affordable shops. I went to American Apparel, this shop sells all the clothes I want! They also had very cute bows and hairwraps but I went for the lace shoe-lace. I have never seen those shoe-laces anywhere, so i was very happy with them. 


Oui oui Paris

I am back from Paris, unfortunately... But it was amazing!!  Paris is soo beautiful, all those buildings and ofcourse the shops! :)  I went to every place you can think of, ofcourse the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but also Sacre Coeur and the Notre Dame. It was great! I really want to go back to see even more of Paris, you are never done there!